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A New Use For Duck Tape

By Rebecca Robinson | Apr 10, 2019

A New Use For Duck Tape An Example of New Duck Tape Usage: My fabulous Horse Vet, Sandi Faris with Harmony Veterinary Services and my awesome Farrier, Brandyn Davis, were working on my “Dally” to fit her with proper shoes and pads. They used the duct tape to position her shoe and pad for the […]

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Staging is Purposeful and Deliberate

By Rebecca Robinson | Apr 3, 2019

Staging is Purposeful and Deliberate: Make it memorable Often times buyers will visit multiple homes in one single day. So it is important to make an impression that will not only make the buyer feel comfortable in your home, but allow them the opportunity to sit and stay a while. Additionally, once they have left […]

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Buyers have a new home

Congratulations, Windermere Team!

By Rebecca Robinson | Apr 2, 2018

On Our 3-Way Simultaneous Closing! It is not often a transaction goes through without a hitch.  My Sellers listing closed last week in Coupeville, March 29th to the nicest couple, who will also be my new neighbors. The property turned out to be a perfect fit for these buyers and assisted my seller to move on […]

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