EquestrianHorse Owners May 6, 2021

Exciting news to share about a new procedure for Horse owners

My horse Dally, who is 9 yrs old has navicular.

Yes, the scary “N” word! She started to develop it when she turned 6 yrs old. My fabulous Vet, Sandi Farris with Harmony Veterinary Clinic, has worked closely with myself and our Farrier to help ease her pain.  With the use of special egg shoes, pads and Rx we have managed the pain fairly well.

Recently Sandi shared with me about a NEW treatment called Pro-Stride.

In layman’s terms . . .Sandi pulled a large vile of Dally’s blood, put it in a machine which spins the blood for about 20 minutes.  The small amount that is left is injected into her coffin bones.  It can take 4-6 weeks to see improvement.  It is not a steroid, but instead it uses the horses stems cells to help regenerate her inflamed affected areas of the foot.

Dally had her 2nd treatment and I feel it has definitely helped her.

While Dally will never be cured or 100% sound, at least I can ride and use her without her experiencing so much pain.  She definitely feels less pain and is much more comfortable.  Which makes her a happy horse and believe me, she lets you know when she is not happy.

If you would like to consider this new procedure or get more info, check out Sandi’s website Harmony Veterinary  You can also view the PDF attached about this new procedure. And always . . . you can contact me to discuss this or any horse questions.


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Rebecca Robinson