Uncategorized April 3, 2019

Staging is Purposeful and Deliberate

Staging is Purposeful and Deliberate:

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Make it memorable

Often times buyers will visit multiple homes in one single day. So it is important to make an impression that will not only make the buyer feel comfortable in your home, but allow them the opportunity to sit and stay a while. Additionally, once they have left your home they need to be able to remember it. Proper staging  can help your home stand out from the three, four, maybe five other homes they have visited that day.

Create Vision

Did you know, over 80% of our population has no vision for what “could be”? Therefore, use pops of color to draw people in and invite them to see what the space could be. Staging is not, throwing a couple pillows in a corner or adding a plant. It is also not about how you live in your home. Rather, staging is about evoking an emotion that invites buyers to come in, look and stay a while. Staging helps the buyer imagine their own items in the home and creates a feel for the amount of space the home offers.

Stay a While

Finally, you want buyers to feel comfortable in your home. You want them to enjoy there time there. So successful staging is also not about using over the top items that imply, “stay off” or “don’t touch”, but rather “come sit down”. Often times, furniture will be arranged in a space that may not be conventional, but intentional. For example, a chair or couch positioned so that a buyer can sit and enjoy a view.

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